Your Phone Can Do WHAT? Discover Mind-Blowing iPhone Features

Unleash the hidden potential of your iPhone! Discover amazing features you never knew existed, from scanning documents and measuring objects to translating languages and identifying plants. Learn how to use these mind-blowing tools and transform your iPhone experience.


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2/22/20242 min read

Discover Mind-Blowing iPhone Features
Discover Mind-Blowing iPhone Features

Think you know your iPhone inside and out? Think again! Even the most seasoned iPhone users might be surprised by the hidden gems tucked away in iOS. From productivity hacks to surprising tools, your iPhone is way more powerful than you might realize. Get ready to transform how you use your phone with these mind-blowing features.

1. Scan and Sign Documents in Seconds

Ditch the scanner! Your iPhone is hiding a document scanning powerhouse within the Notes app. Here's how:

  • Hold down the Notes app to open the notes options.

  • Select “Scan Documents” and position your phone over the document.

  • Your iPhone does the rest, auto-detecting edges and saving a perfect scan.

  • Sign it using the Markup tool and share it easily.

2. Measure Anything (Yes, Like a Ruler!)

Need a tape measure in a pinch? Look no further than the Measure app. Using augmented reality (AR), your iPhone turns into a surprisingly accurate measuring tool.

  • Go to the App library from your iPhone and search for “Measure app”.

  • Open the Measure app and point your camera at the starting point of your measurement.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts, moving your phone to the ending point.

  • Voila! Accurate measurements instantly.

3. Identify Plants, Songs, and More with Visual Look Up

Ever see a curious plant or hear a catchy tune and wish you knew what it was? Visual Look Up is your new best friend.

  • Photos app: Snap a photo or choose one from your library. Look for the small “i” with stars around it and tap – this analyzes the image for information.

  • Shazam-like: Visual Look Up can even identify songs playing around you. Tap the magnifying glass in your iPhone’s search bar and tap the microphone icon.

4. Translate Text Without an App

Breaking language barriers is a breeze with Live Text. Here’s how it works:

  • Camera app: Point your camera at text in a foreign language. Tap the Live Text icon (small rectangle with lines) that appears.

  • Boom! Real-time translation overlays the original text. You can copy, translate into more languages, or even have it read aloud.

5. Text from Any Image

Even non-selectable images are fair game with Live Text.

  • Photos app: Open a picture with text (screenshot, meme, etc.).

  • Long press the text, adjust the selection as needed, and copy it just like regular text!

Boosting Your iPhone IQ

These are just a few examples of the incredible features lurking beneath the surface of your iPhone. Stay curious and don’t be afraid to explore – who knows what else you’ll discover!

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